me: hands in assignment

professor: immediately hands me rubric for another project 

me: image


お前だれ 〜 Hiyori

Who are you 〜 Hiyori

I’ll take a selfie… selfie~

Huh? Huh?


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I think I’m uncomfortable with it because they are Lolis. I would feel the same way if it was a J-Pop group, the whole Loli/Shota aspect of Anime Culture already makes me really uncomfortable so…

Hm, except for the flat-chested girl, the rest were implied to be older due to their having breasts. Loli do not have breasts.

There’s a bit of a debatable line, when it comes to interpreting characters as Loli or Women… Loli tend to be more similar in shape, size, and appearance to toddlers (or how toddlers are depicted in anime/manga) in their features.

But simply having a flat chest, or a toddler sized body, does not always equal a loli… for whatever reason

For example the E.C.M characters (an animated hentai game) are considered adult women (demonic women), even though they have small builds or younger features.

Again, I don’t see any terrible implications to woo the character over romantically. The characters seemed unaware, to an extent, of a world outside of theirs… unaware of the player (by extension, Pharrell)

I found it to be more of a visually intriguing endeavor, and I am having difficulty coalescing with the thinking of people who see more than what is presented.

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pharrel wants that sweet loli booty

I don’t have a reaction image folder on this pc. It’s all on that fancy external I told you about… 

"And hold my hand, and moan again, I’ma hold that ass When you kiss on my lips And hold my hand, and moan again, I’ma hold that ass" actual lyrics

The lyrics mean nothing. The music itself; as a whole, composed article; was a device used as an influence/sample for the animators, and affected how they chose the timing, color choice, style, etc of the video.

What you are suggesting is that an entire studio of fucking Japanese artists, waltzed over to the US, sat down to a meeting with Pharrell, and he opened his mouth and said “Yeah man, let’s make a 5 min animation where I’m trying to date a hot loli”, and they were just like, “YEAH LET’S DO THAT”.

I have suspicions as to that occurring. I doubt he; as a musician; or the artists, had any intention of creating anything but a culturally contextual and aesthetically pleasing article of visual rhetoric.

It’s not a metaphor, they’re not direct allusions towards each other. It would be; the pairing of Western music to Japanese animation; to the same effect of fucking Interstellar 5555

If Pharrell had any collaboration, he ultimately chose the studio for the quality of their work. The animators probably agreed the idea of “It Girl” could be synonymous with Otaku culture and dating sims. In the mind of an otaku or game handler— their “It Girl” is a fantasy character…

And I think that’s perhaps where the allusion is— in that Pharrell is fantasizing about his woman, BUT THAT WOMAN IS NOT THE FUCKING ANIME GIRL.

The animators may not have even intended for that level of introspection, and may have thought it would have been cute to have a 5 min video utilizing popular aspects of modern culture.

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its a 41 year old dude mackin on some lolis

Lolis don’t have tits. And I wouldn’t call it mackin, it doesn’t illicitly display his interaction with them, and they are unaware of his presence.

Hence the reference to genie, he’s just kind of changing some things, but they’re not truly aware of the changes until the end with all the sparkles.

Wtf? why are people trashing on that new pharrell video? They’re saying it has him falling in love with an anime girl?

He’s playing a dating sim? Or it is suggested it’s some type of game… But he’s acting like a genie for the characters in the game, never once directly attempting to “date” them. Their lives just become visually more stunning thanks to the “player”.

It was just supposed to be a neat visual collab with a Japanese artist’s studio?? Music happened to be a love song, but we should know by now that the visuals in a music video needn’t be synonymous with the song.