Favorite Oncelers::Day 2 Part 1

I will upload the whole set when I’m done, including rules— kind of winging it at the moment.

The Howler

Using a lot of teal here… hmmm

Anyway, I guess I should explain my reasons as to why I am using the blogs that I am.

Really the favoritism is dependent on the concept design of the character and the artwork that has backed it up. If I like the aesthetics— this is a drawing challenge after-all (more like a style challenge |D;;).

I really joined Tumblr to follow the art behind the Onceler fandom— I’m not much for roleplay or fanfiction, and haven’t indulged in any since the age of 19.

I’ve talked to Howl and they’re a pretty nice person (pretty adorable too), one of the few Oncelers around that tolerates me |D Heheheh.

Alright, part TWO. Gent, I may have missed Sexy Saturday, but— prepare your anus.

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