I really like this game and the psychological aspects of it… the cynicism it takes towards the mechanism of society and how it’s toxic on the mind of an individual.

But what I really enjoyed were the chapters involving The Room.




I’ve always seen the world as kind of a delusion, formed in the mind of the son; Hugo. The two parents are struggling to protect their terminally ill son(a neurological disorder, which would wrought on symptoms of weakness and hallucinations) and fighting for custody over the small child; neither seeing the other as a fit caretaker.

The mother coddles her son and fills his world with fakeness and treats, and the father wants desperately to expunge his son of this coddling, and expose him to the reality of his illness.

The son doesn’t want this harsh lesson, obviously, and leans on the protection his mother lends him…

Hugo writes things down in his journal and on his calendar to try to keep better track of the days that pass… but as he gets sicker he has more and more trouble keeping track of things. One particular note on the calendar makes allusion to Zacharie… maybe a friend or therapist. It reads:

"February 11th, Sunday: Zacharie is the best guy a know. He is so sympathetic. He’s a friend."

Eventually Hugo succumbs to his illness; falling into a coma; and is sucked into his subconscious— trying to rationalize what was going on between his parents and in his life.

I just needed to sketch it out XD

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